Our Background

In 2016 Conquest celebrated their Golden Anniversary - 50 years of hand crafting furniture in Hampshire. In that time the furniture industry in the UK has changed significantly, with imported and flat pack furniture having come to dominate the market.  Conquest stand apart as a furniture maker – providing a full service end-to-end, from the first drawings and concepts through to the final fitting – everything custom designed, built and fitted around the customer’s specific requirements. Conquest are famous for their perfectionism and precision and so where, you might ask, does this obsession with the perfect fit come from?

To understand it's origins you have to go back to 1957 when Conquest’s founder, John Adey began his apprenticeship as a pattern maker with Vosper’s shipbuilders in Portsmouth. It was an inauspicious start as he found himself sent home on day one when his boss discovered he was only 14. Fortunately though John was able to return to work a week later, following his 15th birthday. It was a woodworking job that required engineering levels of precision, as the wooden patterns that John carved, enabled the creation of  sand moulds, which in turn would then be used to produce metal castings for the parts and fittings of ships - such as the propeller.

ship launch

In 1957 Vosper’s launched the Boston Vanguard trawler and as was the custom at the time, the ship was to be launched by both a local celebrity and the youngest apprentice – who on this occasion, at just 15 years old, was John Adey.