Our Background

Boston Vangaurd Trawler

In 1957 Vosper’s, with the help of it’s youngest apprentice John Adey, launched the Boston Vanguard trawler …

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Model Making

John Adey in 1962

In 1962 John finished his apprenticeship and took a position at the Kenwood factory.  John's role in precision wood working to create metal castings, and then later resins and injection mould plastics to be used in industrial production...

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In 1966 John set up on his own and over time the company's reputation for precision and detailed woodworking grew. In 1977 the owner of a neighbouring business popped in and asked if they could make him a kitchen for his home in Langstone. The rest is history ...

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New Workshop

John's handpicked team of craftsmen are based in Conquest's Hampshire workshop. We have invested in the best tools for the job so that we can relentlessly persue the best finishes on all our our furniture.

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Furniture Making

man cutting wood to make furniture

Conquest ‘s bespoke approach to the making of fitted furniture has continued to be in strong demand. The growth in home-based working has seen greater demand for fitted offices of the highest quality along with reaxing bedrooms, kitchens and ...

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The Future

As we continue our journey in the 21st Century we will continue to invest in our craftsmanship. maintaining traditional skills with cutting edge technology to continue providing impeccable quality bespoke furniture.

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